Some Thoughts About Shotgun Cleaning Kits

Photo credit: InAweOfGod'sCreation
Photo credit: InAweOfGod’sCreation

Shotguns are possibly the least demanding of guns when it comes to applicable cleaning kits. They are easy to clean whether you are using the traditional cleaning rods and brushes or pulling your way through with the innovative fibre bore snakes.

Otis Technology 400 Micro-kit Shotgun Cleaning Kit

First off, this cleaning kit from Otis was amazing at my 12 gauge shotgun. It worked really well and much better than the bore snake that I had been using prior to this purchase. What really made me choose it over other kits was primarily because the ads specified that it was applicable for shotguns from .410 to 12/10 gauge. And I had a 12-gauge and a Mossberg .410. To my dismay, the discs and the brush won’t fit my Mossberg! When I inquired from the company, I was told that the brush and discs weren’t supposed to be used on .410. If that wasn’t false advertising, I don’t know what it was.

Apart from that, the other components of the kit function well on my firearms whether I’m doing a quick cleaning without disassembly or a thorough bench cleaning. I keep the contents with my existing kit, so it doesn’t matter that it comes in a Ziploc disposable bag. The triple-action bore CLP does all the cleaning required. The rubber discs work well with the 12-gauge. I try not to remind myself too much that they’re useless with old Mossy. Overall, the kit is worth the price for the few tools and supplies.

Hoppe’s Shotgun Cleaning Kit for all Gauges with Aluminum Rod

I bought this kit at way below $10, and it satisfies me no end. It has just about everything I need to clean my two shotguns, except for a very important item – the brush! I already anticipated that (I read reviews, too!) and bought the tornado brush with the kit. It upped the total price a bit but still cheaper than the prevailing price of shotgun cleaning kits. Using the aluminium rod pieces makes you recall how more thoroughly rods clean than the newer systems. The ball-bearing swivel handle allows for better control. That’s well thought out.
The rest of the tools and stuff, like the absorbent round die-cut patches, No. 9 cleaning solvent, and lube, are basic. For the price you pay, you get a practical kit from Hoppe’s. The patches are good for 3 uses. The flimsy kit doesn’t even last up to 2 uses – you need a duct tape or rubber band to keep its lid shut. I preferred using an old kit to keep things secure and spare myself from getting annoyed. Anyway, the chemicals already paid for the whole kit, actually. The rods are good quality and will last till several refills of the supplies. For the price, it’s a good enough kit.

Outers 12-Gauge Aluminium Rod Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Nothing fancy about the product, just the basic tools and supplies for gun cleaning. The aluminium rods are easy to assemble, lightweight and come with a rotating handle. I wonder whether steel rods would be better than aluminium, but this rod has a firm assembly and it does its job fine. The bronze wire brush worked well with it, too. Trust its nitro cleaning solvent to clean all metal parts and the oil to do what it’s supposed to do.

The kit includes absorbent patches which work well except that there’s too few of them. Anyway, patches should be bought by big packs of 500 to 1000 pieces, so don’t run out of those packs because this kit doesn’t come loaded with those cotton sheets.

What I like

The Otis kit has the edge for its portability and ease of use. I take against it the fact that it’s not .410-friendly. For us who own the smallest-bored shotgun, that’s a heartbreaker. The rod-based cleaning kits from Hoppe’s and Outers have the advantage of thorough cleaning that is characteristic of rod cleaning systems. While they are similar in more ways than one, Hoppe’s is the better kit of the two because it works for all gauges and priced 50% less than Outers. Take a shot at the Hoppe’s Shotgun Cleaning Kit for All Gauges! Don’t forget to order a Hoppe’s tornado brush to go with it; they’re a team!

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